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Journeyman League – Hobby Update #4

Last two models finished! And just in time ūüôā

IMG_0769IMG_0770I am happy to be done painting Satyxis. One of the reasons I put them in my Journeyman list was because I know they’re popular with Cryx players and I needed an excuse to paint them.

I switched the color palette for the Raider Captain’s clothing because I wanted to be able to distinguish her on the field. It’s important to remember that she is a solo and not part of the unit for activation purposes. Hence the purple main colors with red accents. The purple I use is an old discontinued GW color called Leviathan Purple. I had an entire Space Marine army painted in that exact purple, and it always goes on in one coat, which is great.

I made the conscious decision not to give them pupils, but put a super watered down blue wash over the white eyes to give the impression that they’re in some sort of battle trance. These two models (unlike the Raider grunts) actually had well defined eyes that I could have put pupils on.

So that’s it for hobby updates related to the Journeyman!¬†Glad I managed to meet the “fully” painted goal. Until next time ūüôā




Ninth Game – 3/26/14

Last game of the league was against Justin playing Kaelyssa again. His list can be found in the very first battle report. Scenario was Supply and Demand. I won the roll and decided to go first. Didn’t snap a good pic of deployment unfortunately, but I had everything dead center with Deathjack on the right and the Leviathan on the left.

Round One I ran everything up. Deathjack got Deathward and the Leviathan got Admonition:

IMAG0245Round One Justin¬†ran everything up and feated. Kaelyssa’s feat makes it so that everything in her control area has stealth and cannot be charged. Eiryss killed my Raider Captain and Phoenix/Discordia each killed another Raider.

Round Two I ran my Nightwretch within 5″ of the Halberdiers and put Black Spot on them. The Raiders could only advance up because of the feat, but thanks to Black Spot I killed 3 or 4. I feated targeting Skarre, the Nightwretch, Deathjack, and both Pistol Wraiths. I made sure not to killbox myself, woo!

IMAG0246Round Two¬†Justin moved everything up. He managed to kill one Pistol Wraith by targeting a Raider with Discordia’s spray, but failed to kill the other one by targeting his own Sentinel with Phoenix’s ranged attack. The Halberdiers killed a number of Raiders, and the Mage Hunter Infiltrators moved up to get the Leviathan in combat.

IMAG0247Round Three I put a focus on Deathjack (the green circle) and charged Discordia. Needing 4s, he whiffed both of his Pow 18 initial attacks, but I still managed to take out Discordia’s right arm. Raiders and Bane Thralls Charged up thinning out the Halberdiers and giving Deathjack 4 souls. The Leviathan took a free strike but didn’t take any damage and shot the Objective down to 1 hp. Skarre charged and killed two Infiltrators and then put Admonition on herself. The Pistol Wraith Death Chilled the Phoenix.

IMAG0248Round Three he walked around Deathjack with Discordia and charged Deathjack with 3 or 4 Sentinels and the Houseguard Thane. He did quite a bit of damage but didn’t knock out any systems. He finished off the Raiders and killed some Bane Thralls. Kaelyssa killed the Pistol Wraith. Didn’t take a pic of this round.

Round Four Deathjack turned the 4 souls into focus and killed 4 Sentinels, healing a good chunk of damage with their souls. Deathjack also scrapped Discordia. The Leviathan finished off the Objective a put a few points of damage into the Phoenix. Skarre killed an Infiltrator and proceeded to try to stay as far away from Kaelyssa as possible. The Nightwretch went hulk mode and killed Eiryss with its horrible melee attack. Banes killed some Infiltrators and Sentinels.

IMAG0250Round Four for him I didn’t snag a picture. He ran the Phoenix up towards Skarre and arced a couple¬†Arkantrik Bolts at Skarre, doing quite a bit of damage. A sentinel one shot the Nightwretch with a massive 17 damage roll on 3 dice. Other than that a few Banes died.

Round Five I tried to triangulate how far Kaelyssa was from my Leviathan and loaded it up with focus. We had quite a laugh since I literally tried to calculate the distance using the Pythagorean Theorem. In the end my math failed me and I moved the Leviathan, giving up the aiming bonus even though I didn’t have to. I only connected with one shot and did a measly 4 damage. Deathjack killed the Thane, a Sentinel, and a Mechanik, healing all but 2 damage boxes. Banes killed some stuff and Skarre spent 4 focus to heal herself and ran for dear life.

IMAG0252Round Five he ran the Phoenix around the Scrap Thralls and tried arcing more Arkantrik Bolts at Skarre, doing less damage this time. Other than that he just killed a couple Banes.

IMAG0253Round Six I accidentally cheat like crazy. Skarre moves up and casts Perdition on the Halberdier closest to Deathjack, killed him. Deathjack takes his Perdition move towards the Houseguard Standard Bearer, but I interpret “move towards” as “end the move closer to the model than you started.” This results in Deathjack being about an inch away from the Standard Bearer. Deathjack then charges Kaelyssa and one shots her.

IMAG0254What “move towards” actually means is that¬†every part of your move must move your model closer to the model you’re moving towards. This does not mean you have to move directly towards the enemy, but it would have prevented me from moving past¬†the Standard Bearer’s back side. I do not know if I would have been able to make the charge if I had taken the correct Perdition move, so I conceded the game after the fact.

I’ve thought a lot about the Perdition move since last night, and did a little bit of research on how you can move your model.¬†Now you are only allowed to move in straight lines, but you can move 1/16th of an inch, stop in the middle of the move and change facing slightly, and move another 1/16th of an inch, etc. You simply aren’t allowed to bend your ruler.

So this diagram will look a little off, since technically the curved move is illegal, but you can get a similar effect by moving in small increments of straight lines.

Deathjack Move

Something like Option B would result in Deathjack always moving “closer” to the Enemy, but not moving in such a way that the Enemy blocks a charge lane to something on the other side.

In any case I’d love to turn back the clock and see if Deathjack had range on that last charge after a legal Perdition move, but c’est la vie. Another mistake I won’t be making in the future ūüôā

So my Journeyman league games end with me going 2-7, ouch! I still feel like I got better as the league went on, but in reality 9 games probably isn’t enough to see a notable improvement. I’m going to stick with eSkarre since I love her mechanics, and hopefully I’ll have some more games to post in the future.¬†I’m torn between what to do with the list, but will save that post for another day.

Eighth Game – 3/23/14

Second game on Sunday was against Paul playing Karchev. I was using the same list (4 points down) and he was using something like:

Points: 50/50
Karchev the Terrible (*5pts)
* Demolisher (9pts)
* Torch (10pts)
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker (2pts)
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts) (10pts)
* Koldun Kapitan Valachev (2pts)
Doom Reavers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
* Greylord Escort (2pts)
Iron Fang Uhlans (Leader and 4 Grunts) (11pts)
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios (3pts)

Scenario was Process of Elimination. He won the roll and decided to go first. Deployment looked like:

IMAG0237Sorry for the bad pic on this one. His Nyss were upper right, Uhlans upper left, and the Karchev brick with his two Jacks were in the middle.

His first turn he ran everything up. My first turn I shot a few Doomreavers with my Leviathan and then charged with my Raiders, killing a few. I also feated, not wanting to lose Deathjack to the Uhlans, but wanting to move him up before I got completely forced out of the scenario. After turn 1 it looked like this:

IMAG0239His second turn he charged the Uhlans forward but failed the command check caused by his own Doomreaver. His Doomreavers failed to kill anything, and his Nyss hunters killed a Raider or two. Karchev moved into the zone.

My second turn I cleared out all the Uhlans with Deathjack and the Banes and killed all the Doomreavers. I also shot and killed the right Objective with the Nightwretch and Leviathan.

IMAG0241At this point I’ve taken out about 20 points of his army and only lost maybe two Raiders and I’m feeling pretty good…

And then I measure for kill box, and my heart sinks. I’ve kill boxed myself by about a quarter of an inch. He charges the Left objective with Torch, pushes the Nightwretch out of the zone with the Demolisher, and finishes off the two Raiders that were sitting in the right zone. 1 point for killing the objective, 2 points for dominating the zone. Game over.


Ugh, I’m not going to be able to forget about this one for a while. I was in a great position after turn 2 and cost myself the game. Afterwards I joked that I need a marker or something to remind myself when a scenario is Killbox and I think I’m going to go ahead and make something, lol. I lost a game at the tournament because of Killbox, but chances are I was going to lose that game anyways. This was a winnable game that I threw away.

But anyways, the best way to make sure not to do dumb stuff like Killbox yourself is to lose a game because of it, so hopefully next time around I’ll measure my control radius before taking Skarre’s move.

Anyways, both games were fun despite me feeling like I played like a noob. On Wednesday I’ll be back to my original 50 point list. I’m still looking for 2 scenario wins for one of my “achievements” I set for myself before the journeyman started, but at this point I’d take a win just about any way possible.

Seventh Game – 3/23/14

Got two games in with eSkarre this Sunday. We’re allowed to change up to 10 points each week, so what I did was change 10 points at the very end of week 3 and 10 points at the beginning of week 4 to come up with the list I used at the tournament. For week 5 I changed 10 points back, replacing the Bane Knights with the Raiders + UA. Here’s the list I used:

Points: 46/50
Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast (*6pts)
* Nightwretch (4pts)
* Deathjack (12pts)
* Leviathan (9pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (3pts)
Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls (2pts)
Satyxis Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Satyxis Raider Sea Witch (2pts)
Bane Lord Tartarus (4pts)

Yep, I totally played 4 points down. Technically I should have kept Gorman and the Skarlock Thrall in the list, but since I’m not used to using them I forgot to put them in. Oh well, better than playing with more than 50 points I guess.

First game was against Gary who was playing Mohsar. I’ve probably played Gary 5 or 6 times and I’ve never beaten him. I don’t think I’ve ever even come close, haha. His list was something like…

Points: 50/50
Mohsar the Desertwalker (*5pts)
* Gorax (4pts)
* Ghetorix (11pts)
* Megalith (11pts)
* Pureblood Warpwolf (9pts)
Shifting Stones (2pts)
* Stone keeper (1pts)
Tharn Bloodtrackers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Nuala the Huntress (2pts)
Tharn Bloodweavers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Druid Wilder (2pts)

Scenario was Incoming. He won the roll and decided to go first. Deployment was as follows:

IMAG0226Raiders were opposite his Bloodtrackers, Banes in the middle, and Deathjack up front on the right. After a turn of running it looked like this:

IMAG0227He was able to block charge lanes with Pillars of Salt, and because the Blood trackers have stealth I wasn’t able to put Black Spot or Perdition on them. I had a thought to try to Perdition + Charge Deathjack into Ghetorix, but 1. I couldn’t Perdition anything and 2. I don’t think I would have had range anyways. So instead of doing anything intelligent with Deathjack I basically moved it out there and offered him up for slaughter. Not my best play of the day.

He charged Deathjack and killed him with Ghetorix, killed a few Banes with the Pureblood, and killed a few Raiders with Bloodtrackers. He placed two Pillars in front of Ghetorix to stop me from charging him.

I used Tartarus to thresher and get rid of both Pillars, and then charged Ghetorix with 3 Banes, leaving him with 10 boxes. My raiders got some charges off and my Leviathan ineffectually shot at the Pureblood. Skarre feated targeting Skarre, the Leviathan, the Pureblood, Ghetorix, and Tartarus. After both our turns here was the field:

IMAG0230Turn three Crevasse went to town. He was able to take out Tartarus because I positioned him just barely in the front arc of one of the Banes that had charged Ghetorix, and Megalith killed 4 or 5 Raiders with another Crevasse. Other than that he ran the Gorax.

Bottom of three I charged the Gorax with Skarre, killing it so that two Banes could charge Ghetorix. Unfortunately, the Captain whiffed both his attacks on Ghetorix and the Bane already engaged with Ghetorix also missed his attacks. Not having Tartarus for the curse was rough. At this point I could see the writing on the wall. After my turn it looked like this:

IMAG0234Turn 4 he moved Mohsar up and cast Megalith’s animus, lowering Skarre’s defense to 14. He then warped Ghostly on the Pureblood and charged Skarre, killing her easily. If you’ll look at the picture above I didn’t even try to place the Stitch Thralls anywhere near Skarre to block tramples or charges. Oof. One of these days I’ll learn all of Circle’s movement tricks!


This game was rough. My poor decision at the beginning to move Deathjack within charge range of Ghetorix was just… awful. It was a terrible move, and I almost immediately regretted it. My initial thought was that I could trade Deathjack for Ghetorix but now I think 1. Deathjack is more important to my army than Ghetorix is to his and 2. I completely forgot that Mohsar would make charging Ghetorix difficult with Pillars.

I also set the Leviathan up on the wrong side. There was basically nothing for him to shoot with the Bloodtrackers all having stealth.

So not my best effort against Gary, but I learned a little more about Circle and their shenanigans. Unfortunately this was one of those games where I threw away a critical piece so early that I’m not sure I learned anything other than don’t be that stupid again ūüôā

Journeyman League – Hobby Update #3

Another week, another couple models down.

IMG_0765IMG_0766The Pistol Wraiths were a welcome departure from models with tons of detail on them. I’m particularly pleased with the hair on the alternate sculpt.

IMG_0767I’ve really enjoyed playing with the pistol wraiths, and was sad to take them out for the Huzzah tournament. Assuming the opponent doesn’t have a good way to get rid of incorporeal models they work well with eSkarre’s feat, as you can keep them safe for an extra turn to shut down. They’re also really good at clearing out infantry with Black Spot, and are deadly if they have a bunch of souls on them and don’t die.

We’re in the home stretch now! Just one more week of painting and all I have left is 2 models — the Sea Witch and Raider Captain. I’m hoping I can find the time to get them done. I’ve also going to try to get a game or two in this weekend so I don’t have any weeks when I’m without a game.

Tournament – Huzzah Hobbies 3/15/14

Spent my Saturday afternoon at a 50pt Steamroller tournament at Huzzah Hobbies ( in Ashburn, Va. It’s a huge space with tons of tables and terrain, and was easily able to accommodate what I believe was a full 32 man tournament.

Huzzah 3-15-14 385The tournament was a little interesting because they wanted to have good prize support but keep the tournament to four rounds. After the first game everyone was split into a top and bottom tier, and from then on you only played people in your tier. Winners of the top tier would get store credit and Steamroller coins, and the winners of the bottom tier would just get store credit.

Had a great time and got to play against some new people, so on to the tournament report! These reports will be shorter than what I usually write because I don’t have access to my opponents’ lists, and because I was stressed and on the clock and didn’t take many pics.

First Game

First game we played the Close Quarters scenario. I got paired up against a Legion player named Scott. He dropped Saeryn and I dropped eSkarre. If I’m going to get destroyed by a faction I don’t know, at least I’m going to get Journeyman credit for it! No pics for this one because we used my phone as the timer.

This was my first game ever against Legion and it was kind of a mess. I won the roll and decided to go second because there were two nice walls on one side of the table. He took full advantage of going first and ran everything up as far as he could go. I was tentative and didn’t move my models very far forward on turn one, which I realize now was a mistake.

For his turn two he walked Saeryn B2B with the friendly objective and feated, and he ran all of his beasts into my army. Saeryn’s feat, which I hadn’t bothered to look at before the game, makes it so his battlegroup can’t be targeted by melee attacks. With an army of almost all melee I had nothing I could do. He also debuffed my Bane Thralls speed, making them Speed 3.

I ran as much stuff as I could on my turn 2, but couldn’t contest his closest flag. The Bane Thralls blocked Skarre in and, despite knowing I was about to do it, I kill boxed myself. I also didn’t place my Leviathan close enough to my flag. He scored 3 control points on the bottom . On his turn 3 he kept Saeryn where he was to score 1 more control point, easily killed my one Bane Thrall contesting the close flag, and ran a beast B2B with the other flag to score another control point.

Saeryn was a tough introduction to Legion! If I had to play it again I think I might still go second, but I would run everything as far as they could go on Turn 1. I’d also make sure not to kill box myself, haha. Scott was a great guy though and it was still a fun game, despite not killing a single model.

Second Game

Second game we played the Incursion scenario. I got paired up against a Menoth player from Leesburg named Dutch. His two lists were pKreoss and pSevvy and he chose to drop pKreoss. I dropped eSkarre again. Here are some pics from the setup and our first couple turns (where everything just ran).

Huzzah 3-15-14 371

Huzzah 3-15-14 374This one was a slug fest in the middle of the board. The first charge, shown above, was me charging into his front line with Bane Knights and Deathjack. Even cursed his Errants were tough to take down. After the pic shown above he feated with Kreoss and countercharged, sending both the Vanquisher and the Reckoner on Deathjack. Because of Deathward, Deathjack survived. If he had purified it off Deathjack would have died for sure, but it might have put Kreoss in a vulnerable position.

Turn three I made the mistake of not spending a focus for Deathjack to shake in the maintenance phase. I’ve never run into that rule before and thought I could do it when Deathjack activated. Trying to figure out the rules cost me quite a bit of time on my clock. I ended up scrapping both the Reckoner and the Vanquisher, and then feated on Deathjack, Tartarus, the Leviathan, Skarre, and Gorman. At this point I was solidly ahead, but was running out of time on my clock. Here it is at the end of 3 (the green circle with the chip on it is Deathjack).

Huzzah 3-15-14 376Bottom of three he whittled down my forces and tried to get Kreoss somewhere safe. At the start of turn four I had about 8 minutes left on my clock. I knew my only chance of winning was an assassination involving perdition, but I had to get rid of an errant that was engaging Deathjack so perdition could move him to a good charge vector. I wasted tons of time activating the Leviathan for no reason, staring at the board, and wondering what I should do.

In the end I activated Tartarus and spawned a bane that charged the Errant I needed dead. The Bane whiffed, so I activated Skarre and shot the Errant with her hand cannon, finally getting rid of him. Skarre then tried to perdition another Errant, but needed to boost a 5 to hit. Because I had to boost the roll to hit I couldn’t boost damage, and didn’t crack ARM 16, so Deathjack didn’t get to perdition and I ran out of time on my clock. Not my only failed Perdition during the tournament, but definitely the most painful.

This was kind of a rough game, even though it was a lot of fun. Neither of us were super good with the rules, and I think I probably burned 5-10 minutes on my clock just figuring out what the rules were for different things I was trying to do. The first rule mistake was me not knowing I had to shake in the maintenance phase, and the second rule mistake was neither of us remembering that anatomical precision only affects living models. His daughters thinned out the Bane Knights with anatomical precision when it’s possible he wouldn’t have cracked armor on at least a few of them. In any case, still a fun game! I think if this one hadn’t been on the clock I would have been able to hold on for a scenario win, but the clock is part of the game in a tournament.

At this point in the tournament we took a quick break so they could just painting. I ended up taking second place, and won a sweet $10.00 gift card! Our local PG Brendon over at¬† took first place with a sweet Khador army. I saw him taking lots of pics with a fancy camera, so maybe he’ll post some pics of the other armies. There were lots of good looking armies at the event. One of our locals Gary has a great Circle army, and there was a light blue Menoth army with an awesome paint scheme. My winnings were spent on Targ for my upcoming Farrow force.

Third Game

Third game we played Balance of Power. I got paired up against Adam from my local group playing Menoth. Like Dutch he was running pKreoss and pSevvy, and I was dreading having to play against pKreoss for a second round in a row. He dropped pSevvy though, and I dropped Terminus.

Huzzah 3-15-14 377Yes, that entire thing in the middle of the board is a hill, haha. His Errants jammed up pretty hard and his Zealots ran up the left side. Here it is after Round 1.

Huzzah 3-15-14 380Despite mentioning at the start of the game that he wouldn’t get the Zealots in range of the biles, he ran them into the Knights, and his Errants charged my Banes.

I feated and charged the Reckoner, not remembering that he had enlivened it (oops). My banes counter charged his errants and a bile purged on a clump of Zealots and Bane Knights. After switching to his turn and checking for corrosion rolls Terminus had gained 8 souls. A decent feat turn, but I knew Sevvy was going to counter feat and make it so he couldn’t get any additional focus.

His Reckoner killed Snapjaw, his Errants charged my Banes, and his Vanquisher lit the entire Withershadow Combine on fire. I made an absurd number of tough checks. When it shipped back to my turn Terminus was engaged by Blessing of Vengeance and the Vanquisher. I made a tough check on Admonia and got to upkeep Malediction for free, which I think was key since because of Sevvy’s feat I wouldn’t have been able to cast it.

Corbeau got Terminus to move 3 inches towards Sevvy, taking a huge free strike from Blessing Vengeance. Darragh Wrathe then cast Death Ride, and Terminus took another huge free strike from the Vanquisher. After that Terminus flew over the top and killed pSevvy. Terminus had 6 or 7 boxes left after the two gigantic hits. The “Advanced Deployment” market is Terminus.

Huzzah 3-15-14 384At this point I dropped so another local who had gotten a bye could play in Round 4. I was extremely tired and having promised my fiance I’d be home by 7:30 wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish in time.


Every time I play a new caster I get a little better. Not knowing what Saeryn did made my first round loss almost guaranteed. In the second round I clocked myself because I didn’t know the rules and didn’t focus on the moves that mattered. All in all though it was a great experience. Huzzah is an awesome venue, and any chance to play real matches on the clock is good. Unfortunately with my huge infantry lists with Cryx I end up having to use tons of time just moving and making multiple attacks. Down the road I might consider something like a Mortenebra list where I have fewer models.

I was thrilled to get second in painting! I thought I wouldn’t win because my army contains some old models that I painted when I first started that just don’t look as good as my new stuff. My Gorman, for example, needs a face lift. In any case I’m looking forward to painting up the Farrow to a high standards and getting high-quality and interesting bases to match. One of the best part of Brendon’s Khador is their awesome snow bases, and my Cryx bases are pretty tame by comparison.

Looking forward to going to Huzzah for future tournaments! I think the next tournament is a local one in April so I think I’ll revive these same lists (or similar ones) for that.

Journeyman League – Hobby Update #2

Took the Wednesday night off so I could finish my Leviathan in time for the tournament this weekend. Here she is:

IMG_0757IMG_0759The lighting sort of washes out the more subtle red glazing on the carapace, but overall I’m happy with the model. The model itself is a pain, there are mold lines running all over the place, and the model just seems a little busy overall. There are rivets and legs absolutely everywhere, and a lot of it blocks detail work that would be really cool to be able to see (the face is almost impossible to see, for example).

I’m happiest with the glow effect on the green, and least happy with the base. With the new plastic Leviathan kit they made all the legs attach to small rocks, which would be fine except they don’t match the basing material I use. I covered the rocks a little and tried to smooth out the hills but it still doesn’t look quite how I like.

Comparing this model to some of my original jacks from June of 2013 (when I first bought the Cryx battle box), I’m definitely improving in my shading. Matte medium is my new gospel and I’m not dry brushing nearly as much. If there’s anything I’d like to get better at it’s model prep (cleaning all the mold lines and pinning what needs to be pinned) and having dynamic bases. I’m going to take a break from modeling Cryx after the Journeyman to paint a few Farrow models for fun. I want to focus on the bases for the Farrow, and have some ideas as far as creating a believable forest scene. I’ll keep playing Cryx as my main army, but it never hurts to mix it up modeling wise.

In any case, one more model down. All I have left for the Journeyman is 2 pistol wraiths, the Raider UA, and the Raider Captain. I should be able to finish in time! I also endeavored to paint up the PP Objective Markers but my sense is those won’t be done in time. Ah well, they can wait until after the league is done.

Off to the tournament tomorrow with my $5.00 Wal-Mart carrying tray!