Journeyman League – Hobby Update

We’re starting the third week of the Journeyman league and I just finished my first unit. I painted a full 10-man (woman) unit of Satyxis Raiders. These things are a huge pain — there are tiny details all over the model that need to be picked out with a tiny brush. On one model alone I counted something like 6 belts, 8 buckles, 3 earrings, and 4 smaller rings, all in addition to the basic colors.

IMG_0751My general painting technique is to start off by blocking out all the big colors. Seen here:

Base CoatI then apply all of my washes:

With WashesAnd I finish by picking out all the details and glazing/dry brushing. I used to do a lot more dry brushing before I discovered the miracle that is glazing with matte medium. I’m able to get much smoother color transitions with the glaze and it’s pretty easy to pull off. I then base everything and seal it all with Testor’s Dullcote.

IMG_0753Since these models were such a pain I didn’t bother picking out the eyes, which are easily what I’m worst at doing. If the model has nice recessed eyes like Skarre I can pull it off, but where most of the eyes are hidden by hair, or aren’t well defined, it’s just not worth the frustration.

Journeyman Images - CopyThe main thing I learned while painting these up is that using blue for hair is much better than trying to do black and highlighting with grey. On Skarre I was pretty timid with the blue, but I went with straight Ultramarine Blue highlights on the Raiders and I like the effect a lot.

Anyways the girls are going into my KR Multicase and will make their painted debut tomorrow night on the table. It looks like my next game will be against a Convergence army, so maybe I’ll even get to pull off some Feedback/Backlash spam.

Happy gaming!


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