Fourth Game – 3/5/14

My one and only game for Week 3 was against Hawk playing a mercenary army piloted by Shae. Hawk’s list isn’t available on our Journeyman league signup sheet so this will need to be from memory. I also can’t seem to make Forward Kommander populate with all of the different units he took, so I’m reduced to typing this all out myself.

Phinneus Shae (*6pts)
* Galleon (18pts)
* Ghordson Driller (6pts)
Ogrun Assault Corps (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Sea Dog Crew (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Hammerfall High Shield Officer & Standard Bearer (3pts)
Lord Rockbottom (2pts)
Doc Killingsworth (2pts)

The scenario was Two Fronts, which I’ve played a couple times before. He won first and picked sides. As we were playing he was telling me what his thoughts were so hopefully I can provide a little insight into his decisions. We set up like this:

IMAG0197He told me he picked that side because he didn’t want Skarre to be able to stand behind the wall. I’ve got Raiders, Leviathan, and Nightwretch on the left, Banes middle, and Deathjack upper right. He had the Shield Gun Corps, Galleon, and Assault Corps opposite my Raiders, and the Sea Dogs opposite Deathjack. Originally I had placed Skarre out of control range of the Leviathan and the Nightwretch (ugh) but he let me move her to a central location before the game started.

Round One

I ran everything up, as usual.

IMAG0198I didn’t manage to snap a picture after his turn, but he started out by feating with Shae to get everything up the board. He then used Double Time and Guns Blazing on his Shield Gun Corps to move up and try to thin out the Raiders. Because of their high defense to ranged attacks he didn’t take many of them out. He later told me his goal was to kill the Sea Witch, but I don’t think he ever got in range to do so. His Assault Corps stayed stationary to get an aiming bonus, which blocked his Galleon from running up as far as he would have been able to otherwise. Other than that most of his stuff just ran up.

Round Two

Skarre put Black Spot on the Shield Gun Corps and the Leviathan thinned them out a bit (but then forgot to move). My Raiders activated and finished thinning them out and charged deeper into the lines. My Pistol Wraith on the right side put Death Chill on his Driller, and my Deathjack ran to block LOS to the now vulnerable Pistol Wraith. The Banes just shuffled up. Here’s a pic after my turn:

IMAG0199He started by clearing out the two raiders that were in front of Galleon. Galleon then advanced up, hit the Leviathan with a Harpoon, and then scrapped him with melee attacks. Ouch, there goes 9 points for not much return. His Sea Dogs charged the Banes and Deathjack, but nothing could crack the Arm 21 Deathjack and I made an absurd number of tough checks. His Driller ran in front of Deathjack to block LOS to Shae, who charged two Bane Thralls, both of whom toughed. He then tried to use Rockbottom to kill two of the Banes that were engaging Shae, but much to his chagrin ended up lighting Shae on fire. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture after his turn.

Round Three

The left side of the board feels like a lost cause at this point, but I activate the Pistol Wraith and get Death Chill up on the Galleon. The banes are completely jammed by the Sea Dogs. I activate the Pistol Wraith on the right and take down Doc Killingsworth, getting rid of 4+ tough for the Dogs (but they still have 5+ tough). The Banes kill a few Sea Dogs and get two charges on the Driller. Deathjack activates and kills all of the Sea Dogs and scraps the Driller, but now there’s wreck marker exactly where I didn’t want one to be. Skarre activates and perditions to try to get Deathjack through the wreck marker towards Shae. She then feats targeting Deathjack, Shae, both Pistol Wraiths, and herself. After my turn:

IMAG0201I spent a lot of time thinking about trying a double hand throw on the Driller to try to get Shae. Thinking back now I think it would have been fun to try, since I almost never think to use power attacks. The Driller likely would have deviated and not hit Shae, but the game is all about doing cool stuff with huge steam-powered machines, and I think that would have been awesome.

His turn began by the fire staying on Shae and absolutely spiking through the roof (I think he rolled an 11). He activated Shae and ran him over to the zone with the Galleon in it, and spent all of his focus to heal. He cleared out that zone scoring 2 control points, and then shot at the objective with Galleon.

Round Four

At this point I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose on scenario if I don’t get an assassination. I activate Skarre and perdition the Deathjack closer to Shae, then arc a Blood Rain through the Nightwretch at an Assault Corps grunt that’s close enough to put Shae in the AOE. I boost the damage roll on Shae and do 4 or Β 5 damage. I activate both Pistol Wraiths but neither are able to hit a Def 17 Shae. Deathjack activates, advances towards Shae, and casts Blood Rain targetting the same Assault Corps grunt, boosting damage, and doing another 4 or 5 damage.

He begins his turn and the fire does not go out, and he spikes the damage roll again, doing I think 7 or 8 damage, killing Shae. Here was a (blurry) shot at the end of the game:


Ugh, what a lame way to win. He lit himself on fire and then spiked two fire damage rolls. If the fire had gone out or he had done less damage I would have lost for sure. He also was keeping track of time, and I would have death clocked myself as well. Before the game even started I had to move Skarre so I could allocate focus to the Leviathan. This is the first game I’ve ever won where I thought it was just dumb luck on my side.

After the game he told me he thought I could have won by scenario if I had moved the Pistol Wraith into the zone closest to me and gone to the right zone with Skarre to score two points. I’m not sure though, since Shae could have charged the Pistol Wraith and killed him rather easily, and then the Galleon could have taken out the Objective.

I got a little frustrated with my dice this game because I rolled Double 1s on 4 or 5 rolls where all I needed was a 3. On the other hand, I rolled an insane number of tough checks, but in the heat of the moment I definitely lost sight of that. Normally I’m good at taking a few bad rolls in stride, but like 5 or 6 happened in a row and I was definitely feeling stressed about it.

I’m not sure if I’ve figured out how to play my list yet. I’m jamming with the Raiders, but I don’t know if it’s really worth it because I’ve been doing such a bad job of getting my Bane Thralls in a position to counter charge whatever ends up killing the Raiders. I think I should have thought more about getting the Banes in a position to charge Galleon, since he finished the game without a single point of damage being done to him. I think the Raiders need to serve as sort of a front line for the Banes, but I’ve been leaving my Banes so far back out of fear of blast damage. In some of my earlier games I literally set my Banes and Raiders on opposite sides of the board, and that didn’t work well at all. If anyone has any ideas as to how to run Raiders and Banes together I’m all ears!

My biggest regret is not throwing the Driller at Shae, just because it would have been awesome if it would have worked. I don’t find myself in situations where I have the opportunity to do cool stuff like that all that often, and I absolutely should have taken the chance. Having reviewed the power attack rules after the game I think I’m in a better position to try it next time πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Fourth Game – 3/5/14

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  2. Mike, nice write up and thanks for taking pictures.

    One piece of key info from my perspective was that the death of those two banes I _thought_ was going to help more of my sea dogs charge into your second rank of banes. Shae actually missed one with his swashbuckle and the other toughed. It was a very poor move on my part to spray them down with rockbottom’s fire gun. I learned a lesson, but I think you are selling yourself short to think you won because of luck. The use of two pistol wraiths with eSkarre’s feat is really good. With no aiyanna and Holt in this list (you will face others with no or limited magic attacks) in the list I knew my galleon was probably going to be sacking his movement for the majority of the game and he’s not nearly the same ranged threat with Shae as he is with Bart. You did a great job playing your banes in waves, but I agree that a more central position would have put you in better position to threaten the galleon if your pistol wraith got an unlucky snake eyes in the chain attack death chill.

    Power attacks are cool, but in this case, the benefit would have been the damage not the KD as Shae loses no Defense when Knocked Down. That is a pretty unique ability though πŸ™‚

    Your best play was using black spot on a low def single wound infantry unit (highshield gun corps) to generate attacks on tougher or more valuable targets. You also made great use of seas of fate on both your spell casting and your jacks. I know losing the leviathan to a drag was a hard pill, but drag of that distance is uncommon and I think he’s a great choice for the list. I can show you some anti push/pull ideas next time we play.

    I think you had a better scenario game than you realized with incorporeal to deny me points and the deathjack and skarre to start collecting on your right zone. You recognized the frailty of a low armor caster on fire and rightly put every point on him that you could. It won you the game so well played you dirty rotting sea witch! πŸ™‚

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