Journeyman League – Hobby Update #2

Took the Wednesday night off so I could finish my Leviathan in time for the tournament this weekend. Here she is:

IMG_0757IMG_0759The lighting sort of washes out the more subtle red glazing on the carapace, but overall I’m happy with the model. The model itself is a pain, there are mold lines running all over the place, and the model just seems a little busy overall. There are rivets and legs absolutely everywhere, and a lot of it blocks detail work that would be really cool to be able to see (the face is almost impossible to see, for example).

I’m happiest with the glow effect on the green, and least happy with the base. With the new plastic Leviathan kit they made all the legs attach to small rocks, which would be fine except they don’t match the basing material I use. I covered the rocks a little and tried to smooth out the hills but it still doesn’t look quite how I like.

Comparing this model to some of my original jacks from June of 2013 (when I first bought the Cryx battle box), I’m definitely improving in my shading. Matte medium is my new gospel and I’m not dry brushing nearly as much. If there’s anything I’d like to get better at it’s model prep (cleaning all the mold lines and pinning what needs to be pinned) and having dynamic bases. I’m going to take a break from modeling Cryx after the Journeyman to paint a few Farrow models for fun. I want to focus on the bases for the Farrow, and have some ideas as far as creating a believable forest scene. I’ll keep playing Cryx as my main army, but it never hurts to mix it up modeling wise.

In any case, one more model down. All I have left for the Journeyman is 2 pistol wraiths, the Raider UA, and the Raider Captain. I should be able to finish in time! I also endeavored to paint up the PP Objective Markers but my sense is those won’t be done in time. Ah well, they can wait until after the league is done.

Off to the tournament tomorrow with my $5.00 Wal-Mart carrying tray!



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