Tournament – Huzzah Hobbies 3/15/14

Spent my Saturday afternoon at a 50pt Steamroller tournament at Huzzah Hobbies ( in Ashburn, Va. It’s a huge space with tons of tables and terrain, and was easily able to accommodate what I believe was a full 32 man tournament.

Huzzah 3-15-14 385The tournament was a little interesting because they wanted to have good prize support but keep the tournament to four rounds. After the first game everyone was split into a top and bottom tier, and from then on you only played people in your tier. Winners of the top tier would get store credit and Steamroller coins, and the winners of the bottom tier would just get store credit.

Had a great time and got to play against some new people, so on to the tournament report! These reports will be shorter than what I usually write because I don’t have access to my opponents’ lists, and because I was stressed and on the clock and didn’t take many pics.

First Game

First game we played the Close Quarters scenario. I got paired up against a Legion player named Scott. He dropped Saeryn and I dropped eSkarre. If I’m going to get destroyed by a faction I don’t know, at least I’m going to get Journeyman credit for it! No pics for this one because we used my phone as the timer.

This was my first game ever against Legion and it was kind of a mess. I won the roll and decided to go second because there were two nice walls on one side of the table. He took full advantage of going first and ran everything up as far as he could go. I was tentative and didn’t move my models very far forward on turn one, which I realize now was a mistake.

For his turn two he walked Saeryn B2B with the friendly objective and feated, and he ran all of his beasts into my army. Saeryn’s feat, which I hadn’t bothered to look at before the game, makes it so his battlegroup can’t be targeted by melee attacks. With an army of almost all melee I had nothing I could do. He also debuffed my Bane Thralls speed, making them Speed 3.

I ran as much stuff as I could on my turn 2, but couldn’t contest his closest flag. The Bane Thralls blocked Skarre in and, despite knowing I was about to do it, I kill boxed myself. I also didn’t place my Leviathan close enough to my flag. He scored 3 control points on the bottom . On his turn 3 he kept Saeryn where he was to score 1 more control point, easily killed my one Bane Thrall contesting the close flag, and ran a beast B2B with the other flag to score another control point.

Saeryn was a tough introduction to Legion! If I had to play it again I think I might still go second, but I would run everything as far as they could go on Turn 1. I’d also make sure not to kill box myself, haha. Scott was a great guy though and it was still a fun game, despite not killing a single model.

Second Game

Second game we played the Incursion scenario. I got paired up against a Menoth player from Leesburg named Dutch. His two lists were pKreoss and pSevvy and he chose to drop pKreoss. I dropped eSkarre again. Here are some pics from the setup and our first couple turns (where everything just ran).

Huzzah 3-15-14 371

Huzzah 3-15-14 374This one was a slug fest in the middle of the board. The first charge, shown above, was me charging into his front line with Bane Knights and Deathjack. Even cursed his Errants were tough to take down. After the pic shown above he feated with Kreoss and countercharged, sending both the Vanquisher and the Reckoner on Deathjack. Because of Deathward, Deathjack survived. If he had purified it off Deathjack would have died for sure, but it might have put Kreoss in a vulnerable position.

Turn three I made the mistake of not spending a focus for Deathjack to shake in the maintenance phase. I’ve never run into that rule before and thought I could do it when Deathjack activated. Trying to figure out the rules cost me quite a bit of time on my clock. I ended up scrapping both the Reckoner and the Vanquisher, and then feated on Deathjack, Tartarus, the Leviathan, Skarre, and Gorman. At this point I was solidly ahead, but was running out of time on my clock. Here it is at the end of 3 (the green circle with the chip on it is Deathjack).

Huzzah 3-15-14 376Bottom of three he whittled down my forces and tried to get Kreoss somewhere safe. At the start of turn four I had about 8 minutes left on my clock. I knew my only chance of winning was an assassination involving perdition, but I had to get rid of an errant that was engaging Deathjack so perdition could move him to a good charge vector. I wasted tons of time activating the Leviathan for no reason, staring at the board, and wondering what I should do.

In the end I activated Tartarus and spawned a bane that charged the Errant I needed dead. The Bane whiffed, so I activated Skarre and shot the Errant with her hand cannon, finally getting rid of him. Skarre then tried to perdition another Errant, but needed to boost a 5 to hit. Because I had to boost the roll to hit I couldn’t boost damage, and didn’t crack ARM 16, so Deathjack didn’t get to perdition and I ran out of time on my clock. Not my only failed Perdition during the tournament, but definitely the most painful.

This was kind of a rough game, even though it was a lot of fun. Neither of us were super good with the rules, and I think I probably burned 5-10 minutes on my clock just figuring out what the rules were for different things I was trying to do. The first rule mistake was me not knowing I had to shake in the maintenance phase, and the second rule mistake was neither of us remembering that anatomical precision only affects living models. His daughters thinned out the Bane Knights with anatomical precision when it’s possible he wouldn’t have cracked armor on at least a few of them. In any case, still a fun game! I think if this one hadn’t been on the clock I would have been able to hold on for a scenario win, but the clock is part of the game in a tournament.

At this point in the tournament we took a quick break so they could just painting. I ended up taking second place, and won a sweet $10.00 gift card! Our local PG Brendon over at took first place with a sweet Khador army. I saw him taking lots of pics with a fancy camera, so maybe he’ll post some pics of the other armies. There were lots of good looking armies at the event. One of our locals Gary has a great Circle army, and there was a light blue Menoth army with an awesome paint scheme. My winnings were spent on Targ for my upcoming Farrow force.

Third Game

Third game we played Balance of Power. I got paired up against Adam from my local group playing Menoth. Like Dutch he was running pKreoss and pSevvy, and I was dreading having to play against pKreoss for a second round in a row. He dropped pSevvy though, and I dropped Terminus.

Huzzah 3-15-14 377Yes, that entire thing in the middle of the board is a hill, haha. His Errants jammed up pretty hard and his Zealots ran up the left side. Here it is after Round 1.

Huzzah 3-15-14 380Despite mentioning at the start of the game that he wouldn’t get the Zealots in range of the biles, he ran them into the Knights, and his Errants charged my Banes.

I feated and charged the Reckoner, not remembering that he had enlivened it (oops). My banes counter charged his errants and a bile purged on a clump of Zealots and Bane Knights. After switching to his turn and checking for corrosion rolls Terminus had gained 8 souls. A decent feat turn, but I knew Sevvy was going to counter feat and make it so he couldn’t get any additional focus.

His Reckoner killed Snapjaw, his Errants charged my Banes, and his Vanquisher lit the entire Withershadow Combine on fire. I made an absurd number of tough checks. When it shipped back to my turn Terminus was engaged by Blessing of Vengeance and the Vanquisher. I made a tough check on Admonia and got to upkeep Malediction for free, which I think was key since because of Sevvy’s feat I wouldn’t have been able to cast it.

Corbeau got Terminus to move 3 inches towards Sevvy, taking a huge free strike from Blessing Vengeance. Darragh Wrathe then cast Death Ride, and Terminus took another huge free strike from the Vanquisher. After that Terminus flew over the top and killed pSevvy. Terminus had 6 or 7 boxes left after the two gigantic hits. The “Advanced Deployment” market is Terminus.

Huzzah 3-15-14 384At this point I dropped so another local who had gotten a bye could play in Round 4. I was extremely tired and having promised my fiance I’d be home by 7:30 wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish in time.


Every time I play a new caster I get a little better. Not knowing what Saeryn did made my first round loss almost guaranteed. In the second round I clocked myself because I didn’t know the rules and didn’t focus on the moves that mattered. All in all though it was a great experience. Huzzah is an awesome venue, and any chance to play real matches on the clock is good. Unfortunately with my huge infantry lists with Cryx I end up having to use tons of time just moving and making multiple attacks. Down the road I might consider something like a Mortenebra list where I have fewer models.

I was thrilled to get second in painting! I thought I wouldn’t win because my army contains some old models that I painted when I first started that just don’t look as good as my new stuff. My Gorman, for example, needs a face lift. In any case I’m looking forward to painting up the Farrow to a high standards and getting high-quality and interesting bases to match. One of the best part of Brendon’s Khador is their awesome snow bases, and my Cryx bases are pretty tame by comparison.

Looking forward to going to Huzzah for future tournaments! I think the next tournament is a local one in April so I think I’ll revive these same lists (or similar ones) for that.


3 responses to “Tournament – Huzzah Hobbies 3/15/14

  1. Nice write up Mike. I’m glad you got the painting award after having to hustle to get the Leviathan finished! I think your red Cryx looks amazing and can’t wait to see what you do with the Farrow.

    Cryx is a bear under timed turns. One of the things I learned after playing them a prolonged time is that it’s okay to hold some of your army back and forgo attacks. This creates an unrelenting wave of undead that the opponent has to deal with every turn as well as saving you much needed deathclock time.

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  3. A little more practice under timed turns and you’ll be just fine.
    Thanks for coming out! We look forward to coming down there in April.

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