Journeyman League – Hobby Update #3

Another week, another couple models down.

IMG_0765IMG_0766The Pistol Wraiths were a welcome departure from models with tons of detail on them. I’m particularly pleased with the hair on the alternate sculpt.

IMG_0767I’ve really enjoyed playing with the pistol wraiths, and was sad to take them out for the Huzzah tournament. Assuming the opponent doesn’t have a good way to get rid of incorporeal models they work well with eSkarre’s feat, as you can keep them safe for an extra turn to shut down. They’re also really good at clearing out infantry with Black Spot, and are deadly if they have a bunch of souls on them and don’t die.

We’re in the home stretch now! Just one more week of painting and all I have left is 2 models — the Sea Witch and Raider Captain. I’m hoping I can find the time to get them done. I’ve also going to try to get a game or two in this weekend so I don’t have any weeks when I’m without a game.


2 responses to “Journeyman League – Hobby Update #3

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  2. Red CONTINUES to look awesome Mike. great work on the skull and bones too.

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