Ninth Game – 3/26/14

Last game of the league was against Justin playing Kaelyssa again. His list can be found in the very first battle report. Scenario was Supply and Demand. I won the roll and decided to go first. Didn’t snap a good pic of deployment unfortunately, but I had everything dead center with Deathjack on the right and the Leviathan on the left.

Round One I ran everything up. Deathjack got Deathward and the Leviathan got Admonition:

IMAG0245Round One Justin ran everything up and feated. Kaelyssa’s feat makes it so that everything in her control area has stealth and cannot be charged. Eiryss killed my Raider Captain and Phoenix/Discordia each killed another Raider.

Round Two I ran my Nightwretch within 5″ of the Halberdiers and put Black Spot on them. The Raiders could only advance up because of the feat, but thanks to Black Spot I killed 3 or 4. I feated targeting Skarre, the Nightwretch, Deathjack, and both Pistol Wraiths. I made sure not to killbox myself, woo!

IMAG0246Round Two Justin moved everything up. He managed to kill one Pistol Wraith by targeting a Raider with Discordia’s spray, but failed to kill the other one by targeting his own Sentinel with Phoenix’s ranged attack. The Halberdiers killed a number of Raiders, and the Mage Hunter Infiltrators moved up to get the Leviathan in combat.

IMAG0247Round Three I put a focus on Deathjack (the green circle) and charged Discordia. Needing 4s, he whiffed both of his Pow 18 initial attacks, but I still managed to take out Discordia’s right arm. Raiders and Bane Thralls Charged up thinning out the Halberdiers and giving Deathjack 4 souls. The Leviathan took a free strike but didn’t take any damage and shot the Objective down to 1 hp. Skarre charged and killed two Infiltrators and then put Admonition on herself. The Pistol Wraith Death Chilled the Phoenix.

IMAG0248Round Three he walked around Deathjack with Discordia and charged Deathjack with 3 or 4 Sentinels and the Houseguard Thane. He did quite a bit of damage but didn’t knock out any systems. He finished off the Raiders and killed some Bane Thralls. Kaelyssa killed the Pistol Wraith. Didn’t take a pic of this round.

Round Four Deathjack turned the 4 souls into focus and killed 4 Sentinels, healing a good chunk of damage with their souls. Deathjack also scrapped Discordia. The Leviathan finished off the Objective a put a few points of damage into the Phoenix. Skarre killed an Infiltrator and proceeded to try to stay as far away from Kaelyssa as possible. The Nightwretch went hulk mode and killed Eiryss with its horrible melee attack. Banes killed some Infiltrators and Sentinels.

IMAG0250Round Four for him I didn’t snag a picture. He ran the Phoenix up towards Skarre and arced a couple Arkantrik Bolts at Skarre, doing quite a bit of damage. A sentinel one shot the Nightwretch with a massive 17 damage roll on 3 dice. Other than that a few Banes died.

Round Five I tried to triangulate how far Kaelyssa was from my Leviathan and loaded it up with focus. We had quite a laugh since I literally tried to calculate the distance using the Pythagorean Theorem. In the end my math failed me and I moved the Leviathan, giving up the aiming bonus even though I didn’t have to. I only connected with one shot and did a measly 4 damage. Deathjack killed the Thane, a Sentinel, and a Mechanik, healing all but 2 damage boxes. Banes killed some stuff and Skarre spent 4 focus to heal herself and ran for dear life.

IMAG0252Round Five he ran the Phoenix around the Scrap Thralls and tried arcing more Arkantrik Bolts at Skarre, doing less damage this time. Other than that he just killed a couple Banes.

IMAG0253Round Six I accidentally cheat like crazy. Skarre moves up and casts Perdition on the Halberdier closest to Deathjack, killed him. Deathjack takes his Perdition move towards the Houseguard Standard Bearer, but I interpret “move towards” as “end the move closer to the model than you started.” This results in Deathjack being about an inch away from the Standard Bearer. Deathjack then charges Kaelyssa and one shots her.

IMAG0254What “move towards” actually means is that every part of your move must move your model closer to the model you’re moving towards. This does not mean you have to move directly towards the enemy, but it would have prevented me from moving past the Standard Bearer’s back side. I do not know if I would have been able to make the charge if I had taken the correct Perdition move, so I conceded the game after the fact.

I’ve thought a lot about the Perdition move since last night, and did a little bit of research on how you can move your model. Now you are only allowed to move in straight lines, but you can move 1/16th of an inch, stop in the middle of the move and change facing slightly, and move another 1/16th of an inch, etc. You simply aren’t allowed to bend your ruler.

So this diagram will look a little off, since technically the curved move is illegal, but you can get a similar effect by moving in small increments of straight lines.

Deathjack Move

Something like Option B would result in Deathjack always moving “closer” to the Enemy, but not moving in such a way that the Enemy blocks a charge lane to something on the other side.

In any case I’d love to turn back the clock and see if Deathjack had range on that last charge after a legal Perdition move, but c’est la vie. Another mistake I won’t be making in the future 🙂

So my Journeyman league games end with me going 2-7, ouch! I still feel like I got better as the league went on, but in reality 9 games probably isn’t enough to see a notable improvement. I’m going to stick with eSkarre since I love her mechanics, and hopefully I’ll have some more games to post in the future. I’m torn between what to do with the list, but will save that post for another day.


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