Battle Report – eGaspy

Long overdue for a battle report here! I’ve been trying to get some warts removed from my hands and the freezing/pain makes it hard for me to paint or play, but I’ve still gotten in a few games.

I got my first game in with eGaspy against Clint playing Iron Mother. My eGaspy list had the full bane package, blood witches, Darragh, biles, and a couple arc nodes. Pretty standard — it’s basically my pGaspy list with the caster upgraded.

I’ve played against Iron Mother before but it was a tier4 list with tons of servitors.  This time Clint was running 3 heavy vectors (Assimilators, Inverter, and Cypher I think), a unit of Reductors, and a unit of Reciprocators. Honestly the names of the Convergence units are such a confusing mess, it’s hard to know what someone is playing with.

The scenario was Incursion and I went first. After a round of running it looked like this:

IMAG0016_BURST002My basic idea was put the Bane Knights near the side with the forest so they could run through it if needed, and put Saxon over by the Banes so they could charge over that wall if needed. In retrospect I should have switched it since the Thralls can’t swing an axe over the wall, while the Knights can. When he jammed two heavies up against the wall the Thralls were pretty useless.

Unfortunately my phone’s camera was crapping out on me (I’ve since gotten it replaced, phew). His first turn he moved up and killed a few Thralls with shooting. I ran everything up to try to put some pressure on the scenario, then used clouds to (hopefully) block LOS to BLT.

After my round 2:

IMAG0018_BURST002He moved up and started killing Knights with his Reciprocators. His Assimilator and Inverter (I think), got up behind the wall and put some damage into the Thralls and Knights. I’m down 6 Knights and 4 or 5 Thralls at this point (exactly what I wanted for my feat). His Cypher ran to contest the far flag. Unfortunately his Reductors (the spray guys) were boxed in pretty well by his own Reciprocators and couldn’t do much. After his turn 2:

IMAG0019_BURST002 (1)I couldn’t score a control point with the Knights because he reduced the unit to 4 guys. This was my big turn. I moved my witches out of the way, moved eGaspy over to  the far flag, feated, and then teleported into base contact with the flag. All the Thralls and Knights spawned by eGaspy charged the Cypher and scrapped it, ensuring me at least 2 control points.

BLT charged into the Reductors and cursed them, killing quite a few. The Knights and a couple remaining solos then charged in and wiped out more Reductors. The cherry on top was Gorman drifting a black oil onto the Inverter behind the wall. Darragh moved into base contact with the middle flag and I scored a total of 3 control points. Here we are after my 3:

IMAG0023_BURST002 (1)Realizing he couldn’t get anything over to the far flag he conceded.

Not a bad way to start out with eGaspy. Wow, what a powerful feeling caster. I’m sure he has bad match ups, but it felt like he could do whatever I wanted him to this game. Need to block LOS? No problem. Need to get into B2B with a flag that’s 14 inches away? No problem. Need to take down a heavy when you have almost nothing supporting that side of the field? No problem.

Anyways I’m considering heading to a tournament in Maryland tomorrow so we’ll see if I get off the couch and play some more. If I do I’m sure I’ll post a tournament report of sorts. Happy gaming!



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