Feat of Service 2014 – WIP Pics

As June 7th draws nearer I’ve continued to work on my custom caster for the event. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the event itself, but that hasn’t stopped me from converting my caster and slapping some paint on her!

As I mentioned in my original Feat of Service post, I wanted to use pDenny as my chassis, in part because pDenny was the first caster I put together and my paint job on her doesn’t stand up to some of my more recent stuff. Originally I had planned to swap out the head for Alexia’s head, but I found that the shape of Alexia’s neck was too difficult to work with, so I ended up using the head of Annyssa Ryvaal (an idea I blatantly stole from plarzoid.com).

Other than that the plan came together pretty well. I stuck the metal pDenny body on eCaine’s base and then wrapped a couple of eGaspy’s souls around her body. Without further ado:

LzmwSF5And here she is with a base coat on her:

Denny editedTechnically I’ve finished most of my shading and whatnot, but the Feat of Service guys want to keep the completed models a surprise until the day of the event, so no further hobby updates from me. Keep looking at http://novanomads.com/featofservice/ for updates on the event!

So what do you think, does it still look enough like pDenny to use her as such after the Feat of Service?

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