Product Review – Secret Weapon Wet Earth Pigment Set

Wanted to try a muddy earth base for my upcoming Kraken so I ordered the Weather Pigment Set – Wet Earth from Secret Weapon Miniatures. The set I’m talking about (and the guide I followed) are here:

I tested the set out on a resin swamp base from Secret Weapon. First I primed it black, then I painted the whole thing Khaki. Those two steps are too exciting so I didn’t take any pics. Next I applied the “Dark Earth” pigment:

IMAG0039The base was very, very rocky, so there were places where the Khaki color shows through quite a bit. The guide shows this color going on and really having lots of shading to it, there are light and dark areas all over. I found that the color blender together more than that, and I didn’t have light and dark areas, just more or less brown areas. Next I added the Terracotta color:

IMAG0040Again, I wasn’t getting the kind of contract in the guide. As I will explain later, I think the problem was I didn’t seal in each layer with alcohol, but waited until everything was down together, so I got lots of mixing of colors. After the Terracotta I put down the Violet:

IMAG0041Well, more blending of colors. Then I sealed it all together with alcohol and it REALLY just blended together. I had to go back after sealing it and add more Terracotta and Violet, but at that point I think it was beyond hope. I went ahead and added the gloss varnish to show where the wet mud was:

IMAG0043And then I added the green to show corrosion:

IMAG0044The green effect is subtle and I like it quite a bit. I think the reason it worked well is because everything had been sealed and I was able to decide exactly where I wanted the coloring to go.

Overall I like the idea of the pigment set, but it’s hard to recreate the effects on the guide. Not surprising since it’s my first attempt, but I think it’s important that people know that your colors will all flood together if you wait to seal the pigment until the very last step. Might seem pretty obvious to some, but I was so excited throwing pigment around that I forgot about the colors blending together. Next time I think I’ll try layering alcohol down and then sprinkling the pigment on top, just to see how it looks.

Anyways, I like the effect, and I think with some practice it will look a lot cleaner (which is funny since I’m going for a muddy effect). A tentative recommend to buy from me, but don’t expect to get studio results without some tinkering.


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