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Feat of Service 2014 – WIP Pics

As June 7th draws nearer I’ve continued to work on my custom caster for the event. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the event itself, but that hasn’t stopped me from converting my caster and slapping some paint on her!

As I mentioned in my original Feat of Service post, I wanted to use pDenny as my chassis, in part because pDenny was the first caster I put together and my paint job on her doesn’t stand up to some of my more recent stuff. Originally I had planned to swap out the head for Alexia’s head, but I found that the shape of Alexia’s neck was too difficult to work with, so I ended up using the head of Annyssa Ryvaal (an idea I blatantly stole from

Other than that the plan came together pretty well. I stuck the metal pDenny body on eCaine’s base and then wrapped a couple of eGaspy’s souls around her body. Without further ado:

LzmwSF5And here she is with a base coat on her:

Denny editedTechnically I’ve finished most of my shading and whatnot, but the Feat of Service guys want to keep the completed models a surprise until the day of the event, so no further hobby updates from me. Keep looking at for updates on the event!

So what do you think, does it still look enough like pDenny to use her as such after the Feat of Service?

Feat of Service 2014

My local group is doing a caster draft to benefit the Wounder Warrior Project. The Facebook page for the event can be found HERE.

The caster draft is a little unusual so I’ll outline the rules. You pick a caster and then strip that caster of all of his/her spells, but keep the feat/stats/etc. You can pick any of the casters that come for free in War Room and play them with your faction of choice. I’ve decided to keep it 100% Cryx, meaning pGaspy, pDenny, and pSkarre. Once you pick your chassis you build a 25 point list not knowing what spells you’re going to end up with at the draft. After you’ve drafted your spells you can finish your list with an additional 10 points. You get to keep a number of spells equal to one less than your focus/fury stat.

The idea is to write a fluffy background for your “new” caster, and to use that caster at a tournament that will benefit the WWP. One of the prizes is for the best converted warcaster.

My Caster Chassis

I decided to go with the pDenny chassis for my caster. pDenny seems like the most survivable of the three casters I’ve limited myself to. She has stealth and a small base, and her feat is ball breaking. The chances of me being able to draft crippling grasp is very low, but hopefully I can fish out a DEF debuff or some way to buff my MAT even further.

My current idea for a list is as follows:

Faction: Cryx
Casters: 1/1
Points: 25/25
Warwitch Deneghra (*5pts)
* Defiler (5pts)
Bane Knights (Leader and 9 Grunts) (10pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (3pts)
Bane Lord Tartarus (4pts)

Yeah yeah, I’m not getting any points for creativity I know. The Bane module is relatively self-sufficient and I know it packs the hurt. I will spend my remaining 10 points based on what I’m able to draft. If I draft lots of spells and debuffs I’ll probably toss in another arc node. If I draft buffs for my own units I may try to put a unit of Blood Witches in there, or Darragh Wrathe and a unit of Biles. I haven’t had the opportunity to do a mock draft yet so I’m not sure what all is out there.

Hobby Reasons

This event is a good opportunity to repaint my old pDenny model. pDenny was the first caster I painted straight out of the battle box and I hate the my paint job on it. I’m also not a big fan of pDenny’s head… it just looks so stupid with those bug eyes.

My idea is to create a caster that is undeniably pDenny, but different enough that I can play her as a “new” caster for the purpose of this event. Currently my idea is to use the metal Deneghra body:

Deneghra Body

With the head from Alexia:


On the base from eCaine:


I need to come up with a suitable way to deface the Cygnar base, but at the moment I’m considering a combination of blood splatter, corpses, and souls rising up from the ground. There isn’t a ton of room to work with on a small base, but I think I can fit in at least 2 or 3 souls rising out of the ground and doing my caster’s bidding. Honestly my biggest fear is the staff on pDenny. I absolutely hate when my models have bent weapons, and that staff looks like it will be a complete pain to replace with a brass rod.

In any event hopefully there will be more hobby updates from me in the future as I put together what is sure to be a monstrosity of a model 🙂